Genre : Documentaire
Theme : International
Lenght : 85 minutes
Author Director : Samuel Alarcón
Cast :
Féodor Atkine

In coproduction with Tourmalet Films (Spain),
RTVE and France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine.
With the participation of BIP TV.

With the support of  ICAA Ministerio de CulturaCNC,
PROCIREP ANGOA, and Comunidad de Madrid.

Best Script / Crealab Madrid 2016.
The past is forever buried in our memory, beneath our feet.
This is why we dig the earth looking for its relics: the bones. The parts of ourselves that tell us who we were, who we are. Where we come from.

You were once a successful painter, and a lot has been said about your life, but few know of the hazardous events that surrounded your end. I shall be thorough with the facts, rigorous with the proof, and cautious with the conclusions as I tell the story of your death. Francisco de Goya y Lucientes.