Original title: OS DEMÓNIOS DO MEU AVÔ
Genre : 2D Animation and Stop Motion
Theme : Back to roots
Length : 90′
Script : Possidónio Cachapa
Director : Nuno Beato

In coproduction with Sardinha Em Lata (Pt), Caretos Films (Es)
With the support of ICA (Portugal), Agadic and ICAA (Spain)

Rosa is a successful designer who lives in the big city. One day, she realizes that her existence lacks meaning. The sudden death of the grandfather who raised her and the feeling of not having returned that love, bring her back to the home where she was raised. Thanks to a series of letters and clues she discovers that her grandfather left her an important task that will help her make peace with herself and others, while she repairs her grandfather’s past mistakes. Rosa enters a world inhabited by fantastic clay creatures and wild animals, and a life in which the flow of the seasons and community mutual help are what matters most.