Marmitafilms is an independent cinematographic and audio-visual creation company. Since 2010, it has produced documentaries, animated films and interactive experiments.

The documentary editorial line is dedicated to Art, History, Society and Human Rights.The animation line is in keeping with an artistic laboratory approach, attentive to hidden realms but also to a young audience. The interactive dimension of the film will be positioned as a field for exploring new visual and audio perceptions for the audience.

In 2018, the company starts with its first long feature fiction film.


Marmitafilms is a French production and distribution company located in Bordeaux, France.

The company is a member of the French Syndicate of Independent Producers (SPI) and of international networks Eurodoc, EDN and UniFrance.

Marmitafilms has received the support of the New Aquitaine Regional Council since 2011 as part of the initiative to help film production companies to develop their activities.

Line Production

The physical location of Marmitafilms in the heart of the New Aquitaine region, along with its dynamism and team of experts in the field of production, position the company as a natural interface for institutional partners and international companies for projects and public commissions.

As such, since the company was created, and in parallel to its delegated production activities, the organization regularly undertakes projects for documentaries, animated films, artistic films, etc., in its position as an executive production and consultancy company.